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Future Story Telling Method

The workshop participants write a short story about a topic and or words they have received through various previous methods.


  • Dauer
    Mittel (30-60 Minuten)
  • Schwierigkeit
  • Gruppengrösse
    1 bis 20 Personen

Diese Methode kann online durchgeführt werden.

Genaue Beschreibung

The story should include:

- one or more character (s)

- your words or the subjects

- plays in the future

- should contain an exciting title

- should be long enough that it can be read out in a maximum of 1.5 minutes

When the stories are written, they are then presented.



The methods that are used before the future stories method are used to determine what words or topics the participants will write their stories about. How many words are incorporated does not matter here. The preparation also includes the word document, which must be created as a template.


In the beginning, the general conditions are announced. Then the participants are given 20 minutes to write their story. The presentations take place individually and should be presented in a maximum of 1.5 minutes. Then the most exciting stories are discussed in the plenary.

Tipps aus der Praxis

- keep an eye on the time

- keep track of who wrote what story and what they are about. So that given feedback is easier.


  • Computer/Laptop


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